Treating Leaky Gut in California Patients

Treating Leaky Gut in California Patients

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Live in California? Here’s How to Treat Leaky Gut

Have you ever dealt with pain, bloating, or cramping in your stomach and abdomen? Many people experience discomfort and write it off as “something I ate.” They have no clue that they may have serious digestive problems. Others have been told there is “nothing wrong” and diagnosed with IBS. Others may not even realize that all their symptoms point to one main health issue: leaky gut syndrome.

The good news is that leaky gut syndrome can be treated, and you can get back to feeling your best. Most functional medicine doctors specialize in identifying unhealthy gut bacteria and helping their patients heal from the inside out. That’s the goal behind everything Being Functional does.

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What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

The gut microbiome affects nearly every aspect of our health. If the gut becomes damaged through toxins, food allergies, and other body imbalances, holes can form in our intestinal lining, and unwanted toxins, bacterial parts (esp LPS), undigested foods among many other things, can directly enter and effect the gut associated lymphoid system, GALT, which is the largest part of your immune system. Unfortunately, life in California brings us into contact with many substances that can cause leaky gut.

This isn’t a life-threatening condition like sepsis. Rather, leaky gut syndrome is a slow burn that causes constant, low to mid-level discomfort making us feel bloated or gassy. But they also impact many other areas of health that we call extra-gut issues, such as eczema.

Here are some symptoms associated with leaky gut syndrome:

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Cramps
  • Food sensitivities
  • Chronic diarrhea or constipation
  • Lowered immune system function
  • Brain fog
  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Rashes
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Anxiety/Depression

Currently, doctors don’t know enough about the gut microbiome to fully understand leaky gut syndrome. Traditional doctors often won’t formally diagnose someone with leaky gut syndrome because there isn’t a formal diagnosis for leaky gut. Or, doctors may misdiagnose patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This may leave you feeling like a hamster stuck in a wheel: you keep chasing a diagnosis and treatment but never get anywhere!

Because the gut microbiome is pivotal in every aspect of health, it’s vital that doctors address it properly. At Being Functional, we specialize in helping patients living in California overcome bloating, acid reflux, and food sensitivities associated with leaky gut syndrome.

What Causes a Leaky Gut?

The human intestines are designed to be somewhat permeable. Otherwise, no nutrients would make it to our bloodstreams! No single cause has been identified as the cause of leaky gut syndrome; rather, many factors contribute to gut health.

Lifestyle and environmental factors play a major role in gut health. Diet is one of the biggest factors. Eating foods that are intuitively unhealthy, for example eating a burned greasy burger, or eating foods that are processed and genetically modified that our bodies do not recognize or NOT eating organic fruits and veggies that our gut microbiome need to thrive. Eating foods that uniquely do not agree with your body as is the case with celiac patients. Taking a lot of medications, Ibuprofen, lots of antibiotic use, as an example. Stress hugely affects the gut microbiome and transit time, increasing risk of diarrhea or constipation. Alcohol affects the stomach lining, acid production which has downstream effects causing digestive issues and can affect the pancreas. Pathogens esp having a “really bad stomach flu” and nothing has been the same since or traveling to Brazil and getting a parasite and now you have diarrhea 3 years later with no solution.

Thankfully, functional medicine is designed to help you identify and treat the root cause of your health problems. At Being Functional, we treat a variety of health problems—including leaky gut in California patients.

Treating Leaky Gut Syndrome with Functional Medicine

Functional medicine addresses the problems that may trigger gut imbalance. One of the best places to start is with diet.

Most of us eat high-processed, low-nutrient foods. Think fast food and frozen dinners. While some unhealthy meals can be enjoyed in moderation, it’s easy to eat a diet that’s mostly processed and that deprives our bodies of the nutrients they need.

When it comes to treating leaky gut in California patients, Being Functional examines your current diet and often suggests eliminating inflammatory foods. Gluten, dairy, processed carbs, soy, alcohol, and processed sugars often lead to inflammation and gut breakdown. You will work with a registered dietitian who is also functionally trained to reach your goals.

Nutrition isn’t just food elimination, however. When we work with patients, we identify which foods may be causing the most problems. We utilize food sensitivity panels and assess gut health with a detailed stool study. You’re not going to be stuck eating nothing but leafy greens, though. We’ll help you incorporate your favorite foods in a way that’s balanced and doesn’t trigger a gut flare-up. One of our biggest goals is to improve the variety of foods you eat and NOT limit your intake.

Nutrition counseling also involves adding in foods to help nourish and heal your gut. Vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, lean protein, and probiotics help maintain (and grow) healthy gut bacteria.

While food is a big focus in treating leaky gut, your functional medicine doctor won’t stop there. He or she will take into account your genetics, environment, and other lifestyle factors such as sleep and exercise. Functional medicine doctors address many areas of health, helping the body get back in balance and thrive on its own.

Leaky Gut Treatment for California, Missouri, and Florida Patients

Being Functional seeks to bridge the gap between traditional and functional medicine, providing patients with standardized yet holistic care. Through virtual medicine, Dr. Basima Williams helps treat leaky gut in California, Missouri, and Florida patients.

If you’ve been suffering with symptoms of leaky gut—or any health problem—we’re here to help. Our patients receive a free consultation followed by hour, half-hour, and fifteen-minute consultations. Get connected by scheduling your free 15-minute consultation today.

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