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When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we do not need to resign to exhaustion, aging, or complacency. We can do more. We can live longer, better, more abundant lives. It just takes the education to do so. We believe in using nature as prevention and that creation itself is the remedy. We believe the pure, natural elements in creation have been designed to promote health and energize our lives. We have seen this through our Functional Medicine practice, as well as in our own lives.

myVitamin enhances your life by providing prevention, wellness, and renewal through daily proportioned vitamin packs of the highest quality to help you and your family live a better life.


Dr. Basima Williams


As a Functional Medicine Doctor of 25 years, Dr. Basima Williams is motivated to help her patients and customers live in the fullness. Through years of practice, observation, and results, she has learned that the body is designed to heal itself.

Seeing first-hand how our nutrient-devoid diets have left us vitamin-deficient, leading to inflammation and disease, she has created proven solutions for wellness. While overlyprescribed medical prescriptions are not the answer, the foods we eat, vitamins we take, and a healthy lifestyle are.

However, the vitamins that have been on the market for so long, full of fillers and toxins, have done just as much harm as good. This is what led her to create gluten-free, soy-free, preservative-free, GMO-free vitamin packs for her patients, herself, and her family. Yet, these professional-grade vitamins, needed to supplement a healthy life, have been unavailable to the public. Through myVitamin, Williams is changing this.

Through myVitamin, Dr. Williams provides knowledge on wellness, as well as the natural supplements needed, to everyone – not simply to those with access to doctors. She is passionate about driving awareness about therapies to those in the United States and worldwide so all people have access to functional medical solutions, not just some.

Her ultimate vision is to see people living, not only longer lives, but higher quality of lives, where they are able to do what they enjoy with those they love through every decade.


Kristine Williams

Kristine is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and professional. She has always felt most joyful while outdoors. She loves being active in nature. You will find her hiking in the mountains before sitting on a beach near the ocean.

In nature, Kristine has always recognized the power and influence of what God has given us on this earth. When you remove all of the medical terms, it is really quite simple: God provided everything we need to heal.

Kristine has been fortunate to enjoy health, yet she has observed beloved family members experience cancer, strokes, and aching joints. She is passionate about the work myVitamin is doing, because she wants to help connect her loved ones with natural remedies, and she wants to take preventative measures for her own health.

Kristine is passionate about helping people get their lives back. As sister-in-law to and patient of Dr. Williams, Kristine has seen first-hand the power of preventative medicine, and she wants to help educate others through myVitamin. She believes we should leave each generation a little better in knowledge and health education.

Through myVitamin, she hopes to help educate kids at a younger age. She believes this next generation is looking at us, and what they learn they will leave to the next generation.

She is honored to play a part in health education and helping others get their lives back!

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